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Phone Numbers

Toll-Free Fax Line

Toll-Free Customer Service Line (leave message)


Home Phone Number:
>> don’t have one – I use my cell phone only.

Cell Phone Number:
>> You already have it or, it’s on my business card

Offline Mailing Address

62-151 Greenway Crescent East
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R2Y 2G7

Online Social Media

Check the sidebar of this site .. I have created online pages for all my twitter, facebook, and other social media sites and applications I tend to participate.

Donate or Pay A Bill Online

You may instantly pay your outstanding accounting bill online through “PayPal”, which accepts
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and eCheck. Feel free to just send me money, if you want to support my online activities and/or just want to say “thank-You!” to me .. it will be greatly appreciated!

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How To Get A Hold Of Me

Believe it or not, I respond faster to emails because I often forget to charge my cell phone, or leave it downstairs in my jacket pocket and forget to bring it up to my Home Office and can’t hear it ringing. If you leave a message, I will eventually listen to it and respond. Email contact also includes my Toll-Free Fax line which is fax-to-email (don’t forget the 1-888 in Canada/USA) ..and public messages from Twitter which I do get notices to bring them to my attention. Please don’t DM me in Twitter – those get routed to my SPAM/Trash filters.