Empire Avenue

Besides it’s a little fun .. I find Empire Avenue a great site to help monitor your social media life online and interact and network with a lot of great people around the world!

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>> Don’t worry … you don’t have to pay any real money to play (unless you want some extra benefits) .. all the code does is give you AND me an extra 2000 “eaves” (aka cash) to play with!


This is me .. HART (aka 1800HART). Everything HART is here. My current investment strategy is to maximize myself in dividends and value to pass along to anybody who invests in me. I have the “biggest piece of pie #5” and usually max out at 500 shares in select people that provide me with great dividends and monetary value. Once maxed out, I move on to the next great investment!


This is me .. HART (aka PetLvr). It is my pet related section of my online activities, and reminant of my @PetLvr username that I have built up everywhere since I have been online in May 2005 with the blogging. My current philosopy is simple .. follow me and I’ll follow you. I will try to max out 200 shares on everybody who invests in me ..or, for people I know and value as online friends and in the community whether you invest in me or not. While there is less “eaves” (aka Empire Avenue cash) coming in each day for dividends from others, it may take a while for me to max out in people and often you will see me making small and repetitive purchases.


This is me .. HART (aka SportsHEN). Starting Summer of 2011, I will be building up a network of sports related blogs (of the HART-Empire Network) – aka SportsHEN – geared towards the winter olympic sports for 2014 games. My Empire Avenue strategy is to maximize myself and username around and hopefully invest into the maximum amount of people I know! To do this, I am currently limiting myself to a max of 25 shares in people who have a “ROI” of at least 1.00 … [PLUS] sports related Empire Avenue players, regardless of their score or value.

In all cases .. the best way to get ahold of me in the game it to participate in the game. Buy a share or two of me and leave me a message. Endorse my blogs. Like my fanpages. Talk to me! I am quite social, and usually online most hours of the day. Even if I’m not online, I get all the notifications and emails and usually come as soon as practical.